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Business and Corporate Law

Looking for a small business lawyer or a corporate business attorney in the Flint, Michigan area? Simen, Figura & Parker’s experienced business attorneys provide you with a full range of advice and representation pertaining to all aspects of your business from business formation to business taxes. Whether you have questions about buying a business, selling a business, incorporation, partnerships, LLCs, employee issues, or need business tax advice, our skilled lawyers can act as advisers and counselors for all of your business needs. The attorneys at Simen, Figura & Parker are skilled and knowledgeable in:

  • Business Formation – Creation of of for-profit and nonprofit corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability companies including advice on which form of organization best fits your needs.
  • Employer/Employee Relations – Advising business clients on the requirements of the law regarding employer/employee relations, developing personnel policies, representation in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and representing employers in labor disputes via arbitration or litigation.
  • Business Operations – Advising business clients on a regular on-going basis as to legal matters which impact the operation of their businesses, including  business law, business taxes, business bankruptcy and more.

What does a business attorney do?

Starting and maintaining a business will inevitably involve addressing legal questions and issues that arise, in order to ensure that everything is being handled properly. While understanding business law may not be first nature to you – it is to the lawyer’s here at Simen, Figura & Parker.

You can focus on the operation of your business and can let an expert in the law handle the legal matters that need to be dealt with.

What are the benefits of hiring a small business lawyer?

Having the right expert to guide you in the formation of a small business will pay for itself in the time and money you save when starting a business, or dealing with situations that may arise during the operation of a business.

When should I hire a business law attorney?

Do not wait to hire a lawyer to represent your business and help you understand the legal workings of its operation.

Be proactive in hiring an experienced attorney that can help answer all your business law questions and be there for you along the way as your business progresses.

What makes Simen, Figura & Parker the right firm for me to hire to handle my business’s legal matters?

Conveniently located here in Genesee County, this law firm has the experience and connections you need for the success of your business.

Our lawyers are dedicated and know the law. We know that your business is important to you – trust its success in the hands of attorneys who know what they are doing.

For over 20 years, the lawyers at Simen, Figura & Parker have viewed their clients more as partners than customers; the success of their clients is always a top priority. Using our skills and expertise to better your business will always be our main focus.

If you think you may need a business attorney, please contact Simen, Figura & Parker at 810-235-9000 for a consultation so that you and an experienced lawyer can start working together towards a successful future for your business.

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