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Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

At Simen, Figura & Parker, the attorneys have the expertise and experience you need for something as important as providing for – and protecting – your family’s future. We know that there is no greater priority to you than making sure your family will be fine, no matter what obstacles, twists, and turns present themselves.

While some topics of estate planning and administration may be difficult to discuss, they are crucial and necessary plans that must be put into place for the benefit of your family. Let the skilled attorneys at Simen, Figura & Parker put your mind at ease, so you can live without worry about what the future will hold for you and your loved ones.

Here at Simen, Figura & Parker, we have many estate planning tools designed to assist you in meeting the goals of preserving assets and directing the disposition of those assets. Each client’s unique needs and wishes are taken into consideration, and our attorneys can help guide you down the correct path of estate planning and administration, including:

  • Estate Planning – Our estate planning attorneys work with you to explain the tax consequences of certain actions, and to develop approaches that will minimize or eliminate estate tax liability. At the same time, we also understand that an estate plan should not just take in account tax considerations, but should take into account your individual desires and concerns.
  • Trusts and Wills – To assist with your estate planning goals, we can create closely-held entities, revocable and irrevocable trusts, and wills.
  • Conservatorship & Guardianship – These are critical if both parents of minor children become deceased, or if there is a handicapped child in the family that will require lifetime care.
  • Probate – We provide probate advice, and regularly represent clients in probate court.

What is “estate planning and administration”?

Estate planning and administration may include the creation of wills and trusts; petitioning for the appointment of guardians and conservators when necessary; and probating a will of a decedent in court.

What type of estate planning and administration is right for me?

This will be a case by case assessment, and your attorney will be able to advise you on the most fitting options depending on your circumstances.

How do I choose an estate planning attorney?

You need an experienced attorney who understands your unique estate planning needs. Someone who will listen to you, and then be able to simplify what options you have moving forward in the process. You will find that here at Simen, Figura & Parker.

What are the benefits of hiring an estate planning attorney? Is it necessary?

Estate planning can be stressful, and frankly just hard to talk about in general. With a topic that may even be hard to think about, let alone make a reality, the best option is to let a professional step in and assist you.

We can help make the process easy for you and help you achieve the peace of mind estate planning can bring.

When should I hire an estate planning lawyer?

Hiring an attorney for your estate planning needs before a dire situation arises is always the best option. Planning ahead, for any circumstance, will help alleviate stress and panic later on. We can help you plan for the future – and whatever it may bring.

Contact the experienced attorneys at Simen, Figura & Parker at 810-235-9000 for a consultation regarding estate planning and administration, so you and your family have peace of mind and a plan for the future.

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