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Effective litigation requires an attorney who has the experience, technique, and knowledge of the law to properly bring your case to court. Simen, Figura & Parker has the attorneys you need to represent you in all areas of litigation. For decades this Flint law firm has been litigating cases of all kinds, including:

  • Real Estate – Construction disputes, eminent domain cases, zoning and land use regulation issues, buyer and seller disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, property title and property tax issues.
  • Commercial – All commercial disputes including contract claims, warranty claims, insurance claims, corporate and partnership dissolution, consumer protection, bankruptcy and collection claims.
  • Personal Injury – Claims for damages for personal injuries due to auto negligence, other negligence, slip and fall, professional malpractice and constitutional law violations.

What might the litigation process entail?

Fully litigating a case will have several steps over a period of time. It may include motion practice, court hearings, the discovery process, trial preparation, the trial, and judgment.

Why should I hire an attorney to assist me in my litigation?

The ability to effectively litigate a case in court is truly an art. It takes not only skill, expertise, and knowledge of the law, but also impeccable organization and meticulous communication skills.

You need a lawyer that encompasses all of these qualities, and meets the high standard necessary to win your case. You will find that here in Flint at Simen, Figura & Parker!

Will litigation always be necessary in every case?

No. Litigation may be a necessary step in some cases, but not all. There may be other avenues to best bring your case to a resolution; however, we are more than ready to litigate your case in court if that becomes necessary.

How do I choose the right attorney to handle my litigation in court?

You want an attorney with the courtroom experience to effectively argue your positions. You need someone you can communicate with and that you trust to handle a situation that is obviously very important to you. Here at Simen, Figura & Parker, we have the qualifications and experience, and we will go to bat for you.

Our lawyers are ready to get into the courtroom and argue your case effectively. The attorneys at Simen, Figura & Parker have been litigating cases for years, and they can help you with your litigation needs too. Call us at 810-235-9000 for a consultation.

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