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On April 12, 2022, an Oakland County jury sided with Michael Gildner and his client, the Village of Holly, in a prosecution against Matthew Wrosch, the Youtuber who calls himself the Constitutional Crusader.

Mr. Wrosch likes to show up unannounced at public buildings to videotape public employees who are simply doing their jobs.  He spices up what would ordinarily be boring content by videotaping public officials at close range while refusing to identify himself or stating his intentions, which predictably generates conflict of some sort.  He livestreams these encounters and uploads the videos to Youtube.

Mr. Wrosch landed himself in trouble when he appeared at the Karl Richter campus in Holly and started videotaping inside the windows of that building, not realizing that the administration offices for Holly Area Schools was located there.  He refused to identify himself to several people who approached him, although he demanded that everyone he encountered identify themselves to him.  His conduct alarmed school officials who declared a lockdown and called police.  A responding officer, Bill Hoffmann, endured taunts and abuse from Mr. Wrosch before issuing him a citation for disrupting a school.

Michael Gildner prosecuted the case.  A jury found Mr. Wrosch guilty following a trial.  Mr. Wrosch is subject to jail and a fine when he is sentenced next month.

Ironically, Mr. Wrosch did not videotape his own trial.  He has also been silent about his criminal conviction, making no mention of it on his Youtube channel.

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