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What is the difference between a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Peter Mooney Attorney

One of the most common questions I am asked is “what is the difference between a chapter 7 bankruptcy and a chapter 13 bankruptcy?” Some clients who have done their own online investigation are certain that they want to file a Chapter 7, or nothing else. However, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may put them in […]

Bankruptcy: Can I keep my home?

A question clients always ask about bankruptcy: can i keep my home? I understand that the thought of losing everything that you have worked for is terrifying. Yet surprisingly, very few of my clients lose their home (or any property) after filing bankruptcy. Here’s why: If we decide that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best […]

Bankruptcy vs Debt Consolidation

In our initial meeting, my clients almost always begin the conversation with an explanation of the events leading to their financial difficulties. and the various methods they have employed to try to repay their debts.  One very common question is “bankruptcy vs debt consolidation.” Should they work with a debt consolidation or credit restoration company […]

4 Most Common Mistakes Made before Contacting a Bankruptcy Attorney

As a bankruptcy attorney, I seldom meet a client who does not have noble intentions of repaying their debts.  However, it is this noble attempt to repay debts that can often result in additional, and otherwise avoidable, financial trouble for the debtor.  The following are the most common missteps to avoid if you are experiencing […]

Do I Really Need to File for Bankruptcy?

Chances are that your question was spurred by one of the following reasons: You have just received a lawsuit for an unpaid debt owed to a credit card company or for unpaid medical bills. You have had your wages or state tax refund garnished. You have received notice of a foreclosure or sheriff’s sale for […]

Ten Myths about Michigan Bankruptcy Laws

Here are 10 myths about the Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 Michigan bankruptcy laws: 1. You Cannot File Bankruptcy Under The New Law Many people believe that the new bankruptcy law passed in 2005 essentially made bankruptcy unavailable to most people. While eligibility for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may depend on […]

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