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I hired my attorney Mike Gildner of Simen, Figura, & Parker PLC to handle my rental property eviction case due to a very difficult tenant. The tenant was challenging the original agreement terms and stopped paying rent.

I knew an eviction was necessary. Mike provided a very knowledgeable and predictive approach on how we should proceed. He presented options, the procedures, the possible outcomes, and the anticipated timeline of the eviction judgment.

The results were a judgment 100% in my favor including a very speedy eviction and for all past rent, honoring the original agreement. The defendant tried to use tactics to delay and sway the case but because of Mike’s law knowledge and experience he plowed through the nonsense.

When you hire Mike Gildner you’re not just hiring an attorney you’re hiring someone who knows the laws, knows how to execute in a tactical manner, anticipates defendant “road blocks”, knows the court system, and has relationships with other attorneys and key court administration.  Mike is able to conduct business and get action done when normal attorneys believe the day’s work is done.

Because of Mike’s relationships he is able to fully utilize the hours in a day and avoid delays in the process. Mike is a deceiving “bull dog”. Mike stays on top of things and drives them forward to achieve closure and a judgment in your favor. It is great to have Mike Gildner as my attorney.

I recommend Mike Gildner for all your legal matters.

Thank you Mike & Simen, Figura, & Parker,

Vince G.


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