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Michael Gildner stepped into my case after a unsatisfactory experience with a different attorney.  Although there was a very short time frame before my next scheduled court date, Michael took the time to meet with me, listen to my concerns and frustrations and help me set reasonable goals for my case.  I left the meeting feeling like I had been heard for the first time since the proceeding began and that my opinions were valued.  Michael was honest, upfront and supportive.  Michael has done his best to keep his fees fair and does not run up frivolous charges.

Michael is thorough in his preparation and very skilled in the courtroom.  In less than two weeks, he was able to bring resolve to a matter that my previous attorney was unable to accomplish in the six months prior.

I have also witnessed Michael’s skills in the courtroom through my profession.  He has always struck me as being dedicated to his client’s best interest and does not let anyone intimidate him.  Should you find yourself in need of an attorney, I would highly recommend Michael Gildner.

Tracy D.

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