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• Representing local municipalities
• Real estate, condominium and homeowner association law
• Personal business bankruptcy attorneys
• Estate planning, wills and trusts
• Family business planning and succession planning
• Estate administration, including probate
• Will contests and representing disinherited relatives
• IRS tax attorney, MI tax attorney specialists

Meet the Attorneys

business attorney patric parker

Patric A. Parker

Patric A. Parker devotes the majority of his practice to real estate and business development matters.  He represents developers, lenders, title insurance...

Peter T. Mooney

Peter T. Mooney

Pete Mooney’s practice involves real estate, commercial litigation and bankruptcy. In the real estate area, he has advised clients and drafted documents...

Michael J. Gildner

Michael J. Gildner

Michael J. Gildner’s practice is a blend of municipal law and general civil litigation. He serves as chairman of the Genesee County Bar Association Municipal...

Family law attorney steven walton

Stephen W. Walton

Stephen W. Walton’s practice includes the planning and administration of estates and trusts, elder law and Medicaid related matters. He is an associate...

richard f. cummins

Richard F. Cummins

Richard is licensed to practice law in Michigan and Illinois. He joined the firm as an associate in the summer of 2014. Richard began his career by working...

Chris Stritmatter, Attorney

Chris Stritmatter

Chris Stritmatter’s interests include probate, business, and municipal litigation. Chris graduated with honors from Fullsail University. He majored in Business...

Richard Figura, Attorney

Richard J. Figura

Mr. Figura’s practice focuses primarily on local governmental law, planning and zoning, real estate law and property tax law. In addition, a substantial...

Richard Harris, Attorney

Richard S. Harris

Richard S. Harris serves as Of Counsel with the attorneys at Simen, Figura & Parker. He specializes in business law, tax law, and estate planning. He is...


Michael Gildner stepped into my case after a unsatisfactory experience with a different attorney.  Although there was a very short time frame before my next scheduled court date, Michael took the time to meet with me, listen to my concerns and frustrations and help me set reasonable goals for my case.  I left the meeting feeling like I had been heard for the first time since the proceeding began and that my opinions were valued.  Michael was honest, upfront and supportive.  Michael has done his best to keep his fees fair and does not run up frivolous charges.

Michael is thorough in his preparation and very skilled in the courtroom.  In less than two weeks, he was able to bring resolve to a matter that my previous attorney was unable to accomplish in the six months prior.

I have also witnessed Michael’s skills in the courtroom through my profession.  He has always struck me as being dedicated to his client’s best interest and does not let anyone intimidate him.  Should you find yourself in need of an attorney, I would highly recommend Michael Gildner.

Tracy D.

What an amazing effort from my attorney, Michael Gildner!! Experiencing an incredibly difficult, nearly impossible situation, he & his team were able to achieve a timely positive resolution!! I highly recommend Michael to anyone who is in need of a talented, dedicated attorney. Thank you for your effort, dedication, and sincere caring & concern. You helped me find that light at the end of the tunnel!!!


I hired my attorney Mike Gildner of Simen, Figura, & Parker PLC to handle collection of outstanding rent from a prior tenant (the plaintiff) who was evicted with a court order, championed by Mike Gildner. Mike was able to successfully collect outstanding rent, court expenses, and retention of the security deposit.

Mike used unorthodox collection methods to motivate my ex-tenant to make prompt, full payment. These methods may be unknown to most attorneys, and the plaintiff’s attorney even said Mike Gildner couldn’t do what he was doing, but he did. If you want the satisfaction of receiving lawful, complete collection from a difficult or unresponsive individual who owes you money, hire Mike Gildner. He will get their attention and then get you results.

Vince G.

We hired Michael Gildner on a recommendation from a friend. Let me tell you it was the best decision we could have made. We were having trouble with the local zoning board getting a variance to replace our house that burnt. Michael went into the meeting with a clear plan that would have prepared us for civil court if needed. But what I thought was genius was the fact he talked to the neighbor that opposed us before the meeting and effectively nullified his argument in the hearing. As a result we received a unanimous vote for us and we can now finally start building. Thank you Michael for a job well done.

Ralph & Kerri M.

I hired my attorney Mike Gildner of Simen, Figura, & Parker PLC to handle my rental property eviction case due to a very difficult tenant. The tenant was challenging the original agreement terms and stopped paying rent.

I knew an eviction was necessary. Mike provided a very knowledgeable and predictive approach on how we should proceed. He presented options, the procedures, the possible outcomes, and the anticipated timeline of the eviction judgment.

The results were a judgment 100% in my favor including a very speedy eviction and for all past rent, honoring the original agreement. The defendant tried to use tactics to delay and sway the case but because of Mike’s law knowledge and experience he plowed through the nonsense.

When you hire Mike Gildner you’re not just hiring an attorney you’re hiring someone who knows the laws, knows how to execute in a tactical manner, anticipates defendant “road blocks”, knows the court system, and has relationships with other attorneys and key court administration.  Mike is able to conduct business and get action done when normal attorneys believe the day’s work is done.

Because of Mike’s relationships he is able to fully utilize the hours in a day and avoid delays in the process. Mike is a deceiving “bull dog”. Mike stays on top of things and drives them forward to achieve closure and a judgment in your favor. It is great to have Mike Gildner as my attorney.

I recommend Mike Gildner for all your legal matters.

Thank you Mike & Simen, Figura, & Parker,

Vince G.


I highly recommend attorney Mike Gildner. While on probation in Lapeer County, I caught a similar charge in Genesee County. Instead of pleading guilty to the charge in Genesee County and having two probation officers to deal with, Mike got my Genesee County case dismissed by having my probation in Lapeer County extended. It was the best result I could have hoped for. Mike is very knowledgeable and he really cares about his clients. Should I ever need an attorney again, there is no doubt that I will choose Mike Gildner.


I would highly recommend Mike Gildner, as he was my attorney during a recent case. He was very professional in handling and results oriented. He took an aggressive position when needed, which proved beneficial in the end. I have consulted Mike on business contracts as well. He was very insightful in supporting my decisions as a small business owner. His ethical approach and responsiveness made me feel reassured during these processes.

Scott N.

For several months I unsuccessfully pursued collection from a client, personally and via small claims court, for work completed by my company. Being completely frustrated with the situation I then reached out to Mike Gildner of Simen, Figura, & Parker PLC to help resolve my collection issue.

Mike from the beginning was extremely sensitive to my goal and completely confident that this case would get resolved. Mike was very thorough in gaining a full understanding of my case from the beginning to point where I approached him. He presented all the tools and methods at his disposal and presented multiple paths of action depending on the outcome of the first paths pursued.

This was a very challenging collection case and use of traditional methods was not possible. I was given frequent updates as Mike & his team performed research on the case and while the case went through the legal system.

Mike’s patience, confidence, experience, & knowledge of the legal system provided 100% resolution for me within a few months. Mike possesses amazing calmness & confidence when handling your case. It is so great have found an attorney of Mike’s caliber for this case and any future legal matters I may need assistance on. I recommend Mike Gildner for all your legal matters.

Thank you Mike & Simen, Figura, & Parker PLC.

Vince Griffiths, Owner

The Brick Paver Doctor

I am so appreciative Michael Gildner was recommended to me and my siblings! During my consultation he provided the level of confidence I was expecting, Not only did he help me and my siblings  through the case , but he fought our case as if we were part of his family with phenomenal results. He is a excellent attorney who cares about his clients! Highly recommended!!

Amanda S.

I am writing concerning attorney Mike Gildner. I’m very satisfied with his performance. Mr. Gildner did what he said he was going to do and in the time frame he promised. I feel he has a real interest and a genuine knack for what he does.

I have dealt with four other attorneys in my 50 years of existence and Mr. Gildner is by far my best experience.  Others seem to push you through the doors of the judicial system just to get paid with no interest in my wants or concerns.  For example, I was left standing in a courtroom by myself one morning in Sanilac County – it seems my attorney at that time simply “forgot” about my hearing. I filed a grievance against another attorney due to lack of performance and dishonesty and was granted a full refund from him.

Anyway, I am very happy with Mr. Gildner.  I referred one of my co-workers to Mr. Gildner and he was also very pleased with his work. If in the future I need another attorney, I will be calling Mr. Gildner.  Very pleased with his good results.


Joe C.

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