full-width-imgSimen, Figura & Parker is a leader in helping clients and others find ways to resolve disputes without resorting to costly litigation, and to assist parties to come to agreements which are mutually beneficial. Following are examples of the kinds of services we provide:

  • Fact Finding – Helping parties resolve disputes by providing independent, objective fact finding services.
  • Facilitation – Helping parties reach mutually satisfying agreements by assisting them to find common grounds on which to build consensus and accord.
  • Mediation – Helping parties resolve disputes by providing an independent, objective analysis of their perceived differences and finding common grounds for them to come to a mutually satisfying resolution of their differences.
  • Arbitration – Conducting objective hearings of disputes between parties and issuing awards thereon based on specific findings of fact and law in an expeditious and cost effective manner.

Alternative dispute resolution requires experience and training – the attorneys at SF&P have both.